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"China Blue" - Writing project with Michael Riesenbeck and Eric Ragno
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"If music is the sound-track of our lives then the lyrics are our story"

These are some of Tony Mill's lyrics..
Lyrics are a very special part of a song for me, if not the most important part.. enjoy..
The Cruiser album has some of the most amazing lyrics and moods to it. Here is a couple of the songs:
Only Love Knows Why – Cruiser

Livin’ like an animal,I’m runnin wild for you

Lovin’ every minute, Are you lovin’ it too?

Slide a little closer, And do the natural thing

Nobody reaches deeper, So open up your heart

And let me in, oh yeah


Only love knows why,We do the things we do

And only love knows why, We have to make it

Only love knows why, We do the things we do

And only love knows why, You’re in my system

You’re in to deep, No time for innocence

No time for sleep, Let our bodies do the talkin’

Come on and talk to me, Let’s get physical

If you like what you see, Move a little bit closer

And do the natural thing, Nobody reaches deeper

So open up your heart, And let me in

I can’t hold back anymore, Gotta turn it on

Gotta bring it on like a wild fire

Dressed in Music - Cruiser

Naked in the morning, I put my music on, I wear my favourite song,

all day long, don't care where clothes are gone 'cause I'm out my face,

when I'm dressed in music, I know it ain't the norm, it don't conform

an' that's the way I choose it, fully dressed in music, don't need shoes

for rythmn and blues, I let it flow right through me, when the rythmn starts

It tears my heart, it just does something to me, well, it's a cloak I wear

but I don't care, cause that's the way I use it, an my mind just goes

cause it knows, that nothing can refuse it, I'm fully dressed in music


'cause if there 'aint no soul in rock 'n' roll, there aint no notes in music

and if you feel the soul in rock 'n' roll, youre fully dressed in music

When I'm out tonight, I know I'll look alright, I might go jazz or blues it

but from top to toe, everyone will know, I'm fully dressed in music

Well I can change my style, with just a smile,make any fashion suit it

Butits another face to adjust for pace, I may go wild or cruise it,

I'm fully dressed in music.


One of my favourites from Freeway to the Afterlife:

Airwaves - Freeway to the Afterlife

Cross a bridge or turn the page, find yourself in this new age

Where everything you dream comes true today...

Where words have wings and pictures fly, you send your heart across the sky

record and analyse in real time, trust it all to the airwaves

092515 tap into the world helpline, tell us all what's on your mind

another code, a different sign, and we can tell you're feeling fine

change the program, lead a different life

The call that comes for you, electronic mail is through

bringing all the news, it brings the world to you..

Swift are the words you have sent to me , winging their way to me

Over the airwaves, and deep are the secrets you give to me

only to set you free, over the airwaves

Once a river crossed my way, gave me words I thought to say

A grand design a game to play, and it comes up on every screen

The way your world might have been, on your communication highway

A simple call to stay alive, a neat solution to survive

another reason to stay online, over the airwaves...

more to come..let me know your favourite lyrics...